Why do we fail to reach our long-term goals

Many of us have good intentions to make what we perceive to be positive changes to our lives. Whether that is to save more money, eat healthier, do more exercise, wake up earlier, watch less TV, work harder, these changes we intend on making will most likely fail at some stage. Old routines and habitsContinue reading “Why do we fail to reach our long-term goals”

The Earth is flat and you need to know why!

If you’re reading this, my title clearly worked. Today’s blog is slightly different and concerns how we are currently consuming information and generating truth. Being someone who is immersed in an academic setting with aims to generate new and reliable information, this topic is of great interest. Before we continue, rest assured, I do notContinue reading “The Earth is flat and you need to know why!”

The downfalls of leading a life of comfort

The modern world has made it far too easy for us to organise our entire life from our sofas. At our very fingertips we have the ability to realistically order anything we want, interact with anyone we want and ultimately overcome many of life’s inconveniences and instead revel in comfort. For example, why walk 5Continue reading “The downfalls of leading a life of comfort”

Keeping Active For Your Mental Well-Being

In today’s modern society, taking care of your mental well-being is more important than ever. Recent studies suggest that people are feeling more anxious, more depressed and less confident about themselves. Additionally, the current economic climate is posing greater financial challenges and added job pressures on all of us. It is not surprising, therefore, thatContinue reading “Keeping Active For Your Mental Well-Being”

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